• Putting God Back Into Marriage

    Let’s Put God Back Into Our Marriages

    According to the website cdc.gov, 2,245,404 marriages occurred in the United States of America in 2016. According to the same website, 827,261 marriages ended in divorce or annulment in forty-four of the fifty states in our country. This data shows that in the United States of America, marriages end at...

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  • The Spirit of Fear

    Fear, it can be an incredible motivator or a compelling deterrent. But should Christians let it be the dominating factor in their decision-making? The Bible encourages us to have “godly fear”. Remember the words of Joshua when he encouraged the children of Israel, “Now, therefore, fear the LORD, and serve...

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  • Showing Up

    Why did God, in His infinite wisdom, command us to gather when we worship? Surely it would be easier to stay home and praise God who resides on another plane of being. It would even be safer with all the disease and death that plagues this world instead of congregating...

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